Friday, July 9, 2010


A super busy day yesterday, fell asleep doing Poetry Roundup (and missed the Rockie's Seventh Inning grand slam comeback!) Got up and worked for a couple of hours this morning, but only got about halfway done. I will post these as part one, then come back and finish a little later today. Sorry to be slow!

Original Poetry

Charles Ghigna (Father Goose) takes us on a metaphoric poetry journey. A poem is a little path. A fisherman. A firefly. A busy bee. Can't wait to share these great metaphors with kids this fall.

Amy (The Poem Farm), who has set herself the enormous task of writing a poem every day this year, offers "Words on the Water," another poem about poetry.

Amy inspired Linda to try writing a poem a day for the month of July. Today's poems feature not only four original poems (including a metaphor poem about poetry), but also one of the world's cutest swimsuit models!

Toby Speed gives us "Backyard Game." After you read her poem, scroll down and check out her pictures of baby robins and her daily pictures of the sky. Wow. Wow. wow.

This must be the week for great metaphors. Tabatha has by songwriter Leonard Cohen. Listen to this great line, "A kite is a contract of glory that must be made with the sun."

Jama Rattigan has given me a new poem to add to my list of all-time favorites. Read Taylor Mali's "Silver Lined Heart", share a few of your favorite things, and then put some emergency champagne glasses in your trunk.

Dori (Dori Reads) shares lines from Twelfth Night and a lovely story about where she found her copy of the book.

And another Shakespeare lover, Laura (Teach Poetry K-12), gives us Hamlet's "To Be or Not To Be" soliliquy, as well as some of her thoughts on this work.

Can you imagine living only ten minutes from Robert Frost's home? And being able to walk in his woods? Diana Mayr does, and at The Write Sisters, she ponders Frost's "Come In."

Stenhouse is sharing Margaret Wise Brown's "The Silent Song." I can picture primary grade kidlets performing this poem.

Book Reviews
Mother Reader thinks Rebecca Kai Dotlich's BELLA AND BEAN qualifies for Poetry Friday. I totally agree. A lovely read about friendship and poetry.

At Kurious Kitty, Diana Mayr gives us a Thomas Hardy poem from an Alfred A. Knopf collection about horses. The poem made me sad, but I'd love to see this collection, also others in the series. Diana also shares a quote by Thomas Hardy at Kurious K's Kwotes.

Poetry Contests
Anyone up for tomato poetry? Diana Mayr gave us the details about an upcoming contest!

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