Saturday, October 3, 2009


Phew! Finally I can tell! For the second year in a row, I will be working with a terrific group of people as panelist for the CYBILS AWARDS. This year I will be working on the Nonfiction/Informational Picture Book category.

Here is a description of the Nonfiction/Informational Books category:

Kids love interesting non-fiction books. Kids love information books. And the sky is the limit for kids' interests. The Non-fiction/ Information Picture Book category is looking for stunning, visual nominees that capture the curiosity and wonder of children of all ages. From science to art, history to sports, or current events to biographies, if the book has a fresh approach, kid appeal, fabulous illustrations, photography, and will be picked up again and again, please nominate.

Nonfiction/information books will be 48 pages or less and should appeal to the younger reader. The committee will refer to the Library of Congress classification as a guide for determining non-fiction status. Previous winners in this category include Nic Bishop’s Frogs (2008), Lightship by Brian Floca (2007), and An Egg is Quiet by Diana Ashton (2006).

It's really easy to nominate books in this category, and about ten others, including poetry, graphic novels, picture books, intermediate grade fiction, and lots of others . This year there is a really quick and easy form you can fill out, so hustle right over to the CYBILS website and get busy nominating!

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Jone said...

So glad you are working with us.