Monday, September 14, 2009


Martha is a spunky little otter, kind of a cross between Ian Falconer's Olivia and Kevin Henkes' Lily. On one particularly rough day, she spills cake batter on her mother, paints her father's back red, and wakes her baby brother during nap time. Sent to time out, she stubbornly refuses to apologize. She changes her tune, however, when she realizes that people who don't apologize don't get cookies from their mothers, or piggyback rides from their dads, or hugs from their baby brothers.

I love everything about Martha- her pink dress with the Peter Pan collar and headband, her spunky attitude, and her stubborn streak. The illustrations are lots of fun- I especially love the one where Martha is reading HARRY OTTER! I know kids are going to flat out love the story, but I also know the book is going to lead to great discussions about how we treat each other, and why it's important to apologize when you make a mistake. Can't wait to share this new find with kids!

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Karren Colbert said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I've got to read this book. I'm pretty sure that Martha is my oldest daughter!