Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm on a constant lookout for funny, scary, gross, and amazing books-- you know, the ones that even the most tentative readers in the class are dying to pick up. I've just discovered SHOO, FLY GUY and it's ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

Fly Guy is, you guessed it, a fly! He comes back from an outing one day to discover that his family and friends have gone on a  picnic! Fly Guy sets out looking for them, and for his favorite food- brown, oozy, lumpy, smelly Shoo Fly Pie. Along the way, he makes several stops-- on something that is brown (but not oozy or smelly), something that is oozy, (but not brown or smelly), etc. The book is gross, and funny, and a total hoot!

I'm thinking of the second, third, and fourth graders I know-- the kids who devour books about sharks, and dinosaurs, and skateboarding, and race cars, kids who want to take on the challenge of chapter books, and those whose JUST RIGHT  books in terms of what they can read comfortably are titles like HENRY AND MUDGE, and FROG AND TOAD. FLY GUY  is a  series for those kids!

And the best news yet-- this is a SERIES- there are four FLY GUY books!

* Disclaimer: This is not a brand new series-- just a "new to me, new favorite" series!

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Kyle said...

The reluctant readers love theses books. Bad Kitty is now in chapter book form. I hope it is a series too.