Monday, November 4, 2013

Look up: Bird Watching Your own Backyard

I'm a CYBILS judge, so I'm reading lots and lots of nonfiction right now.  LOOK UP: BIRD WATCHING IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD is one of my most recent finds. And it's a really, really fun book. Each page is devoted to a particular aspect of bird watching/bird sketching. There are pages about color, shape,  feathers, noise, habitat, and a variety of other bird related topics. Much of the information is contained in cartoon bubbles coming out of the birds' mouths. There's a ton of information on each page, and I think it would be a kind of a hard read aloud, but I think it's a book that kids would find fascinating. I think it would be a terrific Christmas gift, especially if it was combined with a sketchbook and a box of pastels or colored pencils.


Linda B said...

It looks great, Carol. We always have students who study birds, will pass this on to our librarian!

Erin said...

I came across this book this summer. I first picked it up because I thought it would be a great way to show my sister-in-law how awesome birds are (she doesn't care for them as I do), but then I fell in love with the book and had to buy my own copy! It's fantastic.